New Multicultural Agency launches – Americana.

In an effort to consolidate resources Joseph Anthony, CEO of VITAL Holdings partners with former Kinetix co-founders Paul Estevez and Tony Martinez to develop new Multi-cultural Marketing Agency, called Americana. The move is one of many being made by VITAL to re-optimize their capabilities coming out of the recession. The move by Estevez and Martinez was made in an effort to expand their service offering and bring more strategic resources to their existing client roster.

“It’s no secret how important the Multi-Cultural consumer has been and will continue to be to Corporate America. While we have provided Multicultural Marketing solutions in the past, this move allows us to compete on a higher level,” says Anthony. VITAL will now shift its focus to its ever-growing General Market business.

Americana has landed several high profile clients such as, Bacardi USA, Grace Foods, Atlantic Records and PepsiCo.

“We are excited by this partnership and what it allows us to do strategically. Based on what we now offer, I anticipate “Americana” will be one of the fastest growing Multicultural agencies by the end of 2012” says Estevez. “It’s essential for independent agencies to find a way to work together and share resources in this economic climate,” says Martinez.

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