North American households rate Broadband as most important Wireline Service.

According to the results of a new survey of US and Canadian consumers that segments households by demographics, all segments rated broadband “the communication service they can least live without,” reports In-Stat. Survey results also give clues about how next-generation consumer applications, such as personal telephone numbers and address books, individual mail boxes, and user profiles, may redefine how we communicate through the personalization of traditional shared services, the high-tech market research firm says.

“Clearly, existing behavior plays a significant role in future household buying decisions,” says Keith Nissen, In-Stat analyst. “But the fact that consumers have embraced broadband in a very short period of time illustrates that consumer attitudes, regardless of age, income, or geography, can change.”

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

There is significant diversity among BB households regarding lifestyle, interests, activities, and buying behavior.

72% of all leading-edge BB households in North America already have a cable service bundle. “Me-Too” type services will not be enough to win away these consumers.

85% of all broadband household segments favor the quadruple play.

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