Opening teaser with Oscar D’León and Huáscar Barradas: Domingos de Grandes Ligas

ESPN Deportes débuts new baseball theme music performed by Oscar D’León and Huáscar Barradas “Jonronero” to be the original theme song for Domingos de Grandes Ligas broadcasts
Grammy winner and Latin musical legend Oscar D’León is joining flutist Huáscar Barradas to perform a love song to baseball in “Jonronero,” the theme music identified with the series Domingo de Grandes Ligas broadcasted on ESPN Deportes.
This is the seventh consecutive season that Latin music floods the broadcasts of Major League Baseball, and this time salsa takes a leading role on the small screen.  The theme music is a tribute to the power offensive — an ode to the home run, the most thrilling play in the game. 
Oscar D’Leon, “El Sonero del Mundo” [the most popular singer of “Son” music in the world] is of the opinion that baseball and salsa go hand in hand.  “Baseball is a game that identifies us as a race, it is an essential part of us, the Caribbean people, and I take great pride in singing to this game, especially in light of the impressive performances achieved by Venezuelan baseball players in recent years,” he comments.  “Being involved in a project like this also allows us to communicate in musical harmony with the players,” he adds.
The flutist nominated for the Latin Grammy who also participated in the theme music said, “When I was a boy we used to get together to play baseball in the streets, but at home we would gather around to listen to the music of the Fania All-Stars and I would try to imitate Johnny Pacheco and to sing more loudly than he did.  That’s the way you learn, and with this project it’s like going back to those moments — but actually fulfilling that role with my flute.”
The “Jonronero” theme song was recorded in Caracas, Venezuela with musical arrangements by Agustín Espina under the production of Leonte Landino, baseball producer for ESPN and the composer of the theme song.

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