Optimism a la Miami.

   Last night, the Ad Federation of Greater Miami  (AdFed) hosted a unique event were Alma DDB’s President & CCO – Luis Miguel Messianu address a standing room only crowd about a unique subject.


Luis Miguel hit all the main points to motivate the crowd about being motivated and optimistic about our Industry, highlighting several examples of advertisers doing the same for consumers.

You should have been there.  I felt inspired, we are going to be OK in our Industry.

Then, I tried to remember how many other of our industry high ranking executives are sharing their time, experiences and knowledge in an open forum to motivate professionals in our advertising, marketing and media industries, regardless of their company affiliation.

I realized that not many.

Where is the ‘mentorship duty’ of our highly acclaimed professionals giving back to our Industry?

Kudos to Luis Miguel and the AdFed of Greater Miami.

Gene Bryan

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