P&G’s Orgullosa program unveiled its Board of Faldas.

Procter & Gamble (P&G) and its Orgullosa program — an initiative created to celebrate, empower, and fuel Latinas’ accomplishments and dreams– unveiled its Board of Faldas (Board of Skirts) made up of a group of accomplished women that will motivate and inspire Latina women from coast to coast.

Orgullosa has teamed up with this diverse group of successful Latinas to serve as mujeres con la falda bien puesta™ ambassadors in its continued effort to empower the cultural transformation of the Latina experience in the U.S. They include lifestyle expert and co-host of ABC’s The Chew, Evette Rios; international motivational speaker, Maria Marin; and entrepreneur and chocolatier, Maribel Lieberman.

Mujeres con la falda bien puesta™ which translates to “women who have their skirts well placed” celebrates the femininity of Latinas, while acknowledging their steadfast spirit on the path to achieving personal and family success. Orgullosa was created as a digital destination where Latina women can connect, share and inspire each other about their ever-changing and busy lifestyles, including topics ranging from fashion to entrepreneurship. By developing the Board of Faldas, Latina women will now have access to real-life testimonials and advice from women just like themselves, found exclusively on Orgullosa’s Facebook page and Web site (www.orgullosa.com).

“We recognize that the Orgullosa woman thrives in the American lifestyle, but remains 100 percent Latina through culture, language and tradition,” says John Sandoval, Senior Multicultural Marketing Manager. “Nevertheless, we understand that these women are craving new culturally relevant content and solutions to balance their multiple roles and individualism. By partnering with these experts, we will provide Latina women access to life lessons, accomplishments and dreams that will hopefully fuel their own potential.”

Mujeres con la falda bien puesta™ represents the spirit of Latinas creating new paths for themselves. Each of the women that were chosen has a unique perspective on what it is to be Latina in the U.S. and will provide insight on what they experienced to reach their personal dreams and goals. The Board of Faldas include:

o Evette Rios: A lifestyle expert, writer and only Latina on a national daytime talk show, ABC’s The Chew. She is known for her fabulous hands-on advice, innovative crafts and dramatic room revisions on a budget. Her special appearances on other English-language media, such as Rachel Ray and Better Homes & Gardens 100-Days of Holidays, have given her the title of the “Mobile Martha Stewart” for her expert advice.

o Maria Marin: Recently named one of People en Español’s “25 Most Powerful Women” because of her inspiration, confidence and strength. She is a motivational icon and role model for Latinos in the areas of personal growth and success. Through her nationally syndicated radio show, best-selling books, weekly newspaper columns, network television appearances, international seminars and social media engagement she has touched the lives of millions.

o Maribel Lieberman: A food entrepreneur who has created a business career that includes Maribel’s Gourmet Cuisine, Lunettes et Chocolat, and MarieBelle™ Fine Treats and Chocolates. Starting as a “good cook” among her friends, she went beyond expectation with her experimentation of international cuisine and good old-fashioned hard work. She has catered events for Christian Dior, Shiseido Cosmetics, Barney’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and the United Nation, among others. However, it was her passion for chocolate that led to the inspiration of her current business.

“I am proud to be a part of the Orgullosa family and an active member of this new board with other successful, dedicated and fabulous Latina women,” says Evette Rios, Board of Faldas member. “Personally, I have a passion for exemplifying my Latina culture as part of the American fabric, and working with the Orgullosa community will give me the chance to share my desire to exceed the expectations of our mother’s generation.”

The three ambassadors will be joining forces next month in a “falda” fashion show that will bring to life the power of a community of mujeres con la falda bien puesta™ and engage Latina women with exclusive livestream access to the fashion show on the Orgullosa Facebook page.

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