Paco Olavarrieta takes the helm as Chief Creative Officer at Dieste.

Dieste Inc. announced the departure of its President and Chief Creative Officer, Aldo Quevedo. Paco Olavarrieta, Dieste’s Chief Content Curator since July 2011, will assume the position of Chief Creative Officer of the agency on January 1st.

“Paco is an icon in our industry and is an immensely talented creative. He is admired in the industry, by the team and respected by our clients. He has all the credentials to be Dieste’s Chief Creative Officer,” stated Dieste’s CEO Greg Knipp.

Mr. Knipp said “Aldo has been the force behind the creative campaigns developed at Dieste. He is a brilliant mind and an awesome coach that helped us to build a strong and talented team of creatives that will continue to thrive under Paco’s leadership.”

“But after working at Dieste for 17 years,” he said, “it is time for a change. It was the most difficult decision I ever had to make. Nothing is more important to Greg, Tony and me than our people and our clients. So after a lot of time carefully planning the transition, we felt this was the right time to do it, said Quevedo.

Mr. Olavarrieta stated “I’m extremely excited about the opportunity to lead such a stellar team of creatives and help Greg and Tony to continue innovating and developing idea-centric platforms that bring greater utility to our clients’ consumers, thus driving greater brand affinity and revenue growth.”

According to industry insiders, Mr. Quevedo will not be joining a competitive agency and will dedicate time to a technology project he is very interested in growing.

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