Paniagua is back at Viva New York.

For those of you that know Ralph Paniagua, the Hispanic entrepreneur has been a true Pioneer in the Latino Marketing space for the past 30 years. Among his “First” includes the broadcast of the Caribbean World Series, the development and promotion of Latinos in Baseball, sponsorships of Championship boxing with HBO that set the way promoters market PPV events, and some of the best concerts produced in the city of New York.

Panigua created the concert series at Orchard Beach and the Seaport in downtown New York, offering first class acts like musical sensation Marc Anthony and Aventura, at the beginning of their careers. His concerts attracted the best Latino audience in the City of New York, bringing thousands of fans to the streets of Manhattan.

With the launch of “Viva New York” more than 20 years ago, Paniagua set the precedence in bi-lingual publications across the nation, making him the pioneer in the multicultural market in the United States. “Viva New York” became the premier publication amongst Hispanic business leaders and young adult audiences looking for the best in the entertainment field.

After the launch of “Viva New York” Magazine, the first bilingual publication in the New York Daily News, Panigua continued his marketing approach with large scale sport events like the “Caribbean World Series” with select clients and Golden Boy representing major boxing events such as the upcoming “Mayweather fight” in September in Las Vegas, HBO Latino, ESPN Deportes. Now Paniagua brings back the publication that made him a legend by partnering again with the Daily News and reviving “Viva New York”.

” Viva New York” Magazine is an amazing product that unified the New York Latino market. And being a part of New York’s number one newspaper, the New York Daily News, the reach that the publication has is the largest of any publication in the area” stated Paniagua. “Now the opportunity is much larger, because we are able to offer sponsors and promoters a full 360 degree program that will include print, digital and social media, while partnering with radio and tv stations targeted to the Latino community”.

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