Paraíso Tropical to be aired on Canal Sur.

SUR LLC announced that the International Emmy-nominated telenovela Paraíso Tropical will now air on Canal SUR for cable subscribers across the country. The critically-acclaimed Brazilian soap opera was originally produced and aired by TV Globo in Portuguese. International broadcasting powerhouse SUR LLC purchased syndication rights and will transmit the original 179 episodes–dubbed in Spanish-on Canal SUR for more than 1.7 million Hispanic households in the U.S.

Paraíso Tropical is an urban, present-day drama that takes place in Rio de Janeiro, where hotelier and business magnate Antenor Cavalcanti has headquarters for his prestigious luxury hotel chain. But everything isn’t always what it seems in paradise. Despite having amassed a vast fortune, Antenor agonizes that he doesn’t have an heir for his empire. The search for a successor sparks a bitter feud between two young and up-and-coming executives from within his ranks. Aside from his humble upbringing, Daniel Bastos is honest, handsome, charming, intelligent and highly-capable of assuming the coveted role. On the other hand, Olavo Novaes is ambitious, unscrupulous and will stop at nothing to achieve his personal goals. To face off against Olavo, Daniel has the support of sweet and sensible Paula, who until her mother’s death thought she was an only child. Little did she know that she had an evil twin, Taís, who becomes a timely ally for none other than Olavo. All the while, Antenor meets his match with Lucia and finally learns the real meaning life while falling in love.

Paraíso Tropical is a telenovela that depicts the struggle between good and evil, marked by glamour and a healthy dose of humor to conquer audiences in any language. Now broadcast for the first time in Spanish, U.S. Hispanic audiences will be introduced to the larger-than-life characters, allure of the high-stakes business world and nail-biting drama sure to leave everyone on the edge of their seats.

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