PLUTO TV celebrates celebrates US Hispanic Programming

Pluto TV, a free streaming television service, unveils Pluto TV en español  one-stop-destination to stream English & Spanish speaking content – for free. Pluto TV currently streams to over 43 million monthly active users across three continents and 25 countries. With this expansion, Pluto TV’s US Hispanic offerings will double, with nearly 50 Spanish-speaking channels across the platform, totaling over one-fifth of Pluto TV’s overall channel line-up.

Pluto TV was first to market in 2019 with the launch of its pioneering Pluto TV Latino category, now to be known as Pluto TV en español, renamed to reflect and appeal to the rich tapestry of the US Hispanic community. The expanded category will be home to over 45 channels, a combination of renamed, existing, and 20 all-new channels. The hand-picked content will feature multiple genres including movies, reality and scripted series, news, novelas, anime and more with select titles available on-demand. The category will contain both dubbed and Spanish original language content to be enjoyed by every member of the family. The Pluto TV en español category joins an existing 200 channels on the platform and over 150,000 hours of premium streaming content, for free, in English and Spanish.

Pluto TV en español was designed to have broad appeal with a heightened focus on curated channels crafted to deliver a wide variety of programming, using popular series, themes and genres that are unique to the Mexican, South American, Central American, Puerto-Rican and Caribbean cultures. From wrestling to automobiles, telenovelas to thrillers, music and comedy and more – there is something for everyone.

“In 2019, we introduced a dedicated category for US Hispanics offering thousands of hours of free, Spanish-language, premium streaming entertainment and followed in 2020 launching Pluto TV across 17 Latin American countries. Now, we are building on that strategy and success by bringing even more programming, channels and genres to meet the increasing demand for streaming throughout the U.S. Hispanic community,” said Tom Ryan, President & CEO, ViacomCBS Streaming. “Pluto TV en español delivers the best of both worlds, a dedicated category of nearly 50 curated channels reflecting the multiethnic, multilingual diversity of the community alongside an additional 200 channels of streaming entertainment in English.”

Working with Pluto TV’s existing content partners, Pluto TV en español will feature exclusive hit series and channels including CSI: Miami, Criminal Minds, Narcos, America’s Next Top Model, 007 en español and Nosey casos alongside sports, news and a multitude of programming that goes beyond the traditional offerings seen across most Hispanic media entities. For the first time, Spanish-speaking news programming will debut in the category with EuroNews, EstrellaTV, Estrella News and Telefe noticias. New channels to the category also include: Cine XOXO, ¡¡Cine jaja!!, Nashville en español, Viaje a las estrellas, Emergencia 911, Mundo paranormal, Hell’s Kitchen en español, Sony Canal Comedias, Entre nosotras, Sony Canal Escape Perfecto, Nosey escándalos, beIN SPORTS XTRA en español, Naruto en español, Yu-Gi-Oh! en español and more.

For ease of discovery, Nick Latino, Nick Jr. Latino and Bebecito Bum y sus amigos will remain in the Pluto TV KIDS category and Vevo Latino and Vevo Reggaeton & Trap in the Pluto TV MUSIC category.

The debut of Pluto TV en español will be further amplified with a multifaceted, multichannel marketing campaign that will span digital and social platforms, with audio drive-time pushes in 11 key Hispanic markets, OTT and mobile campaigns and Pluto TV on-platform initiatives that will run throughout Pluto TV’s extensive lineup of over 250 channels. Additionally, there will be social promotions including free TV giveaways and on-platform marketing and support from Pluto TV’s key content and distribution partners.

Viewers can stream the Pluto TV en español category on Pluto TV across all connected TV devices, mobile, and web-based devices in the United States.



  •     Pluto 007: The action, cars, and shaken (not stirred) martinis of the world’s greatest super spy are now in one place: Pluto TV 007. Watch Connery, Moore, Lazenby, Dalton, and Brosnan 24 hours a day, 007 days a week.
  •     Cine Premier: The best box-office hits are playing 24/7 on “Cine Premiere!” Top-tier comedy, romance, action, horror, and award-winning movies are playing in Spanish for your enjoyment.
  •     Séptimo Arte: Your favorite original Hispanic movies are playing 24/7 on “Séptimo arte.” Here we pay homage to notable and award-winning actors, directors, and films. ¡Viva Nuestro Cine!
  •     Cine Adrenalina: Your ticket to the most exciting blockbusters! Drop in to watch some of the most thrilling, suspenseful, and action-packed movies ever made — all day, every day!
  •     Cine Terror: Hold your breath, cover your eyes, and don’t make a sound. Every day, “Cine terror” brings you the most spine-tingling, heart-pounding, and terrifying movies you’re dying to watch!
  •     Cine Jaja!: Grab your popcorn and get ready for big laughs. “Cine ¡¡jaja!!” features your favorite side-splitting comedies, chock-full of silliness and slapstick. Enjoy hilarious, feel-good films around the clock.
  •     Cine XOXO: We love romance! “Cine XOXO” is the place to watch great love stories that stand the test of time. Tune in with your partner to watch the excitement unfold in romantic comedies and passionate dramas.


  • Nashville en español: Welcome to Nashville, where the drama and the tunes are playing 24/7. Join all your favorite characters at the Bluebird Café and enjoy binge-watching anytime!
  •     CSI en espanol: One of the most popular franchises in TV history is now on Pluto TV. Watch the mysteries unfold on CSI: Miami and CSI: New York any time of day.
  •     Narcos: With electrifying performances and action sequences charged with heart-pounding suspense, this Golden Globe-nominated series follows the true-life story of the rise of international cocaine cartels and the battle waged by law enforcement to stop them.
  •     The Walking Dead en espanol: Fight the dead and join our heroes on their nail-biting adventure in The Walking Dead! This instant classic will have you at the edge of your seat. Who will live and who will die? Join the drama and be part the phenomenon now.
  •     Viaje a las Estrellas: Boldly go to the channel that brings you Star Trek: The Next Generation along with the USS Enterprise’s big-screen adventures, all day long.


  •     Investiga: Take the case with “Investiga,” where riveting tales of true crime will keep you up all night. Grab your flashlight and magnifying glass, and join us as we investigate murders, kidnappings, and other sordid affairs.
  •     Crímenes Imperfectos: There is no such thing as the “perfect crime.” Find out why on Forensic Files, where real-life investigators piece together the evidence they need to solve grisly crimes, ripped straight from the headlines.
  •     Emergencia 911: On “Emergencia 911” you’ll find incredible stories of real-life heroes doing extraordinary things. These suspenseful, heart-stopping, and inspiring real-life stories will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  •     Mundo Paranormal: Are you afraid of the dark? Do you believe in aliens? Tune into the most extraordinary paranormal activity on “Mundo paranormal.” You won’t believe your eyes!
  •     Misterios sin Resolver: What you are about to see is NOT a news broadcast. Watch episodes of Unsolved Mysteries With Robert Stack on this spine-chilling 24/7 channel. It’s your one-stop shop for mysterious crimes, ghostly phenomena, and paranormal happenings. Are you ready?


  •     Mundo Viajero: Pack your bags and get ready for adventure! With “Mundo viajero” you’ll travel the globe as you vicariously experience beautiful locations, learn about fascinating foods, and delve into unique cultures.
  •     Mundo Geek: Learn more about our planet’s wonders, human history, and science on “Mundo geek!” If you love to discover eye-opening facts with enlightening shows, this channel is for you.
  •     Foodies: “Foodies” shows you how to make the most of your kitchen with expert chefs, world-class restaurants, and exotic cuisines. Get ready for explosions of flavor as you follow along to create luxurious recipes and discover new tastes from around the globe.


  • ·       Telemundo telenovelas clásicas: “Telemundo telenovelas clásicas” is your destination for the best dramas, romantic comedies, and popular telenovelas. If you’re looking to be moved and inspired by classic love stories, this is the place for you.
  •     Badass Novelas: “Badass novelas” will keep you on the edge of your seat and in a state of suspense that you’re sure to enjoy with the best action novelas and empowered characters. The uncertainty and adrenaline in their stories will make you want to see them all!
  •     Novelas con la Abuela:  “Novelas con la abuela” will wrap you in endless stories and situations full of intrigue, deception, and desire. See happy endings to the best classic and nostalgic novelas. You won’t want to miss any of it!
  •     Amantes del Romance: “Amantes del romance” is the perfect channel to experience great emotions and see that love is universal. You will enjoy stories of love and passion with the most romantic stories from around the globe. We’re sure you won’t be able to change the channel!


  •     Entre Nosotras: On “Entre nosotras,” empowered, independent women come first. Bond with your favorite chicas over exciting dramas, comedies, reality, and talk shows, or unwind for some self-care. We love to have our girl time!
  •     EstrellaTV: “EstrellaTV” is a leading Spanish-language news and entertainment channel with a wide variety of programming including news, game shows, reality shows, talent competitions, and late-night talk shows. A must-see experience!
  •     Mi Obsesión Favorita: What’s your favorite obsession? Get your fix with the most fascinating, eye-opening drama you can imagine! See how people live, work, play, and love with this 24-hour channel of gripping reality programming.
  •     Sony Canal Escape Perfecto: “Sony Canal Escape Perfecto” is dedicated to the most exciting reality competition show from Latin America. Keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as contestants face their challenges.
  •     Spike ¡extremo!: “Spike ¡extremo!” is a round-the-clock adrenaline rush for the adventure lover. Fuel up your tank and dive into the best in extreme sports, death-defying reality, lifestyle, and much more. Venture now, if you have the guts!
  •     MTV Latino: You’ve never seen MTV like this before. Watch all the best, wild, sexy, fun shows and iconic concerts only on MTV Latino! Drop in now — all the cool kids are doing it!
  •     Nosey Escandalos: America’s most successful daytime television shows including Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Trisha Goddard and the ALL NEW/ALL NOSEY Judge Mom and Judge Dad. Tune in to the Springer “circus” and Maury’s “You Are the Father!”
  •     Nosey Casos: Divorced! Wronged! Hunted! On Judge Nosey, find intense courtroom drama with Divorce Court, Judge Karen and Eye For An Eye. No one escapes justice when Judge Nosey is in session! Watch Judge Nosey now.
  •     Nuestra Vision: Your stop for everything Mexican. Live sports, news and special events direct from Mexico! On “Nuestra Visión” you’ll find the most informative news, the friendliest family content, the best in classic films and much more. “Nuestra Visión” is just for YOU!


  •     Comedy Central Latino: Laugh along with great Latin standups, hilarious shows, and raunchy skits. If you’re looking for sidesplitting comedy, you’ll find it on “Comedy Central Latino”!
  •     Sony Canal Comedias “Sony Canal Comedias” brings you culturally relevant, modern sitcom remakes from Latin America that will keep you laughing, featuring TV’s most iconic sitcoms and comedy series like Married with Children, The Nanny, Who’s the Boss, I Dream of Jeannie, and more!


  •     Telefe noticias:  The newscasts of Argentina’s leading channel brings the latest events and the most complete journalistic coverage, in charge of outstanding top-level professionals. “Telefe noticias” only on Pluto TV.
  •     Euronews: “Euronews” is the number one international news channel in Europe. Its mission is to empower people to form their own opinion. Euronews is unapologetically impartial and seeks to offer a diversity of viewpoints. “Euronews” is “All Views”.
  •     Estrella News: “Estrella News” is the only 24/7 Spanish-language digital news channel, delivering the most relevant and breaking news stories and reports for Hispanics. Coverage includes local, national, entertainment and sports from the best journalists and team.


  •     Being Sports XTRA: A free, 24/7 Spanish language LIVE sports, news, analysis and highlights channel. XTRA soccer matches from LaLiga, Ligue 1 and Copa Libertadores. XTRA original productions and an extensive library of historical sporting events at no XTRA cost!
  •     Combate World: “Combate World” is the premier destination for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) content. Featuring world championship level events, reality television and lifestyle programming. The Combate Americas franchise is the recognized leader in Hispanic Sports and MMA.
  •     Lucha Libre Worldwide: Watch 24/7 high-octane Mexican wrestling on Lucha Libre AAA! Colorful masks, high-flying moves, and international excitement are coming at you hard and fast on this wild and exciting channel.


  •     Naruto en español: The Village Hidden in the Leaves is home to the stealthiest ninja in the land. But twelve years earlier, a fearsome Nine-tailed Fox terrorized the village before it was subdued and its spirit sealed within the body of a baby boy–Naruto Uzumaki!
  •     ¡Yu-Gi-Oh! en español: It’s time to Duel! Watch all of your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! series on the “Yu-Gi-Oh! en español” channel.
  •     Bebecito Bum y sus amigos: “Bebecito Bum y sus amigos” is home to fun and educational shows for kids featuring classic and new nursery rhymes. With her friends and family, 6-year-old Mia experiences the world around her through song and sometimes a bit of magic, too.
  •     Nick Latino: Welcome to “Nick Latino” on Pluto TV, where you can watch your favorite classic shows in Spanish! Tune in for “The Fairly OddParents,” “iCarly,” “Rugrats,” “Victorious,” and more! You can see it all on Nick Latino on Pluto TV.
  •     Nick Jr. Latino:Welcome to “Nick Jr. Latino” on Pluto TV, where you’ll find your favorite preschooler shows, all in Spanish! Don’t miss out on classics like “Blue’s Clues,” “Dora the Explorer,” and many other hit shows on Nick Jr. Latino on Pluto TV.


  •     VEVO Latino: The best Latin pop videos!
  •     VEVO Reggaeton y Trap: If it’s reggaeton, Latin trap and dancehall videos, we got them first! Join the non-stop party with the coolest guests and the hippest music of today.



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