PM Publicidad launches bi-lingual ads for Napa Auto Parts.

Atlanta based PM Publicidad announced the launch of Napa Auto Parts’ new bilingual advertising campaign, PURA PASIÓN, PURA CALIDAD. In an effort to increase brand recognition among bicultural Hispanics, Napa Auto Parts is expanding its sports-related media mix to include TV, radio, digital platforms, search engine marketing and social media.

Napa Auto Parts’ first ever bilingual television spot will leverage Hispanics’ passion for soccer and NAPA’s eight-year sponsorship of the men’s Mexican National Soccer Team to showcase the brand’s commitment to quality parts and service. ESPN Deportes personality Jorge Ramos, a spokesperson for the brand, will be featured in the ads to lend credibility and authenticity to the campaign, and will participate in retail activations across key markets. NAPA will also use Ramos’ image in POS materials.

The TV spot, “Soccer Prodigy”, features a father and son inside a Napa Auto Parts store. While the father is looking for parts, the son – a soccer aficionado – dribbles the ball throughout the store, running down various store aisles. Jorge Ramos narrates the play as if it were a true soccer match. The spot concludes with a shot to goal, which is stopped by a NAPA employee carrying the product requested by the father. The spot is tagged with “PURA PASIÓN”, emphasizing what soccer means to Hispanic men.

“Soccer is the common passion that Hispanic men share. Once they become fans of one team, it’s for life,” said Eduardo Perez, President of PM Publicidad. “That’s exactly what NAPA wants to accomplish. We want our Hispanic costumers to know that NAPA is on their team, by reaffirming its commitment to offer the highest quality products and services.”

The campaign will air nationally beginning Feb. 18, 2013. In order to reach both Spanish- and English-speaking consumers, the spots will be bilingual. The ads will be featured on both English and Spanish-language soccer and sports programming.

NAPA’s bilingual campaign also includes multi-platform integration into the heart of the Hispanic community’s passion for soccer, no matter the language. ESPN Deportes’ Jorge Ramos y Su Banda, which is a simulcast TV and radio program, will feature Spanish-language elements, while online media and placements in the digital gameday experience will feature English-language elements.

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