PMA Council Celebrates National Coupon Month.

The Promotion Marketing Association’s (PMA) Coupon Council announced this September as the Fifth Annual National Coupon Month, celebrating the many ways consumers can save money by using coupons. The celebration’s year-round web site,, offers consumers a wealth of coupon facts and clipping tips.

National Coupon Month is an annual opportunity to remind consumers that they can save as much as 10-20% on grocery bills by spending as little as 20 minutes per week clipping coupons. Over the course of a year, this can add up to in excess of $800 – $1000, giving consumers enough money to put toward a vacation, buy a computer or significantly reduce household expenses. In 2001 alone, shoppers saved $3 billion dollars by redeeming 3.9 billion coupons, making couponing one of the most popular shopping activities in America.

“Each September, Americans are reminded that coupons are a means of putting real income back into their pockets,” said Charles Brown, co-chair of the PMA Coupon Council. “National Coupon Month highlights the many ways coupons can be used in our everyday lives.” offers helpful clipping tips including:

Use double or triple coupons along with the manufacturer’s rebates to realize additional savings,

Plan your family’s menu using coupons, and

Use coupon savings to pay allowances, thus teaching children the value of money.

Coupons Remain Popular Among Consumers

Year in and year out, consumer response confirms the popularity and benefits of couponing. A recent survey by the PMA found that more than half of the respondents used coupons for services in the last 12 months. Additionally, coupons are found to be an attractive incentive for shoppers in households with kids – 63% are heavily influenced by discounts when making purchasing decisions.1 And, 17% of US households use coupons to try new products.2

“Coupons are a fun and easy way to save money,” said Lynn Liddle, co-chair of the PMA Coupon Council. “Whether trying a product you wouldn’t normally buy or stocking up on everyday items, using coupons helps make the shopping experience less expensive and more enjoyable.

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