Podiatric Physician Association of Puerto Rico Launches Awareness Campaign.

The Podiatric Physician Association of Puerto Rico (SMPPR, in Spanish), recently launched the awareness campaign: “El calor de la temporada”. Dr. Ricardo Jaen, SMP’s Director of Communications said the purpose of the Campaign is to alert the public of the importance of properly podiatric care to avoid foot conditions that may interfere with summer activities and the Back-to-School (and Back-to-work).

The campaign, developed by The Einstein Group, a public relations firm specialized in health, science and technology, presents an interesting graphic of feminine legs, suggesting an easygoing atmosphere. The ads can be seen on bus shelters and newspaper ads. Creative design was done by Virgen Rodríguez, and creative concept by Iván de la Cruz. The campaign will run until December.

Some foot conditions worsening in higher temperatures are dermatologic as: athlete foot, nail fungus, plantar warts, ingrown toenails and nail calluses.

Podiatrists are Doctors in Podiatric Medicine (DPM). The Podiatric Physicians Society gathers the majority of podiatry doctors in Puerto Rico and is committed to the continuous development and updating of these health professionals in benefit of their patients.

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