The Power of 2

By: Enrique R. Tur̩gano РalPunto Advertising

Last Sunday afternoon I was in a coffee shop enjoying a good read and great Colombian coffee; I was sitting next to two young Latinas  – around 22-24 years old each – who were talking about everything: school, work, boyfriends, girl friends, music, movies, etc.

Now, I was not eavesdropping, but could not help but hear them talk based on my proximity to them.

They spoke mostly in English, but did mix it up with Spanish every now and then.

Not that it was strange to see how easily they mixed it up – what was impressive as a Latino was to see them and hear them control the situation based on their two language domination.

When the topic turned a bit more personal they would add more Spanish to their conversation (there were mostly Anglos around us), when an Anglo person came by or sat close to them they would immediately switch to Spanish for a while.

They were empowered – they comfortably switched from English to Spanish or vice-versa depending on the need.

This behavior was also impacted by the topic discussed; Spanish words and phrases were more dominant when the topic was more personal (one was talking about being “dumped” by her partner…sad) or when the conversation became more animated – not a surprise that the more emotional the topic or the conversation the more Spanish language was used to describe the moment.

What these two millennial Latinas were doing was leveraging their bicultural and bilingual upbringing in order to have a more complete control of their environment.

They were doing it openly, proudly and even with a little arrogance – but positive arrogance – the one you can’t help but display just because you DO have an upper hand on others.

That is the new Latino and new Latina.

Our millennial generation.

A proud bicultural and bilingual (to different degrees) Latino, empowered by his/her dominance of two cultures, and playing these two cards (these two A’s) as they please – or better yet, in a manner that will bring the most benefit to them.

They are in control.  They decide when and where.  You can’t help but enjoy a superiority feeling – two is better than one.

I trust this Hispanic generation will be wise and mold this great benefit into a tool for growth, for success and for accomplishing the business, political and humanitarian heights past Hispanic generations have not been able to achieve.

Maybe it’s not that two is better than one – but two CAN be better than one if you play it right.

As I have stated many times before, 2S+, or Dos Es Mas.  Or at least it can be and I am confident our new generation will show us all that it can be more and that it can be a positive gain for all – not just Latinos.

By: Enrique R. Tur̩gano РalPunto Advertising

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