Power of Oats within Today’s ‘Familia’.

The Quaker Oats Company launched “Quaker Up,” an integrated marketing campaign that showcases how Quaker provides the nourishment to fuel the epic adventures of everyday family life. The new campaign, which takes a master brand approach by highlighting the broad portfolio of delicious Quaker products made with oats, is being extended to the Hispanic market by adapting the message and creating a more relevant connection to today’s modern Latina Mamás, whose family is always her top priority.

“This campaign shifts the word Quaker from a noun to a verb, sparking action and bringing to life how Quaker can help provide healthy fuel -like oatmeal- for families’ daily adventures,” said Justin Lambeth, Chief Marketing Officer for Quaker Oats. “Whether she’s playing pirates with her son or teaching her daughter to ride a bike, we know mom is celebrating her family’s big and small moments, and we want to be the brand to recognize and fuel her through that journey.”

A 30-second television ad called “Hill” served as the campaign’s first creative execution and represents Quaker’s first collaboration with Chicago-based Energy BBDO and Miami-based Alma, a Hispanic advertising agency. The ad depicts a boy riding his bike up a neighborhood hill, which he imagines to be an adventure up the world’s tallest mountain. In the Hispanic themed creative, the spot opens with a mother serving her family a healthy, nutritious breakfast. As her son takes the first few bites of his Quaker Oats, his epic adventure begins. The spot closes with Quaker’s Hispanic tagline “En sus marcas, listos… Quaker,” (On Your Marks, Get Set… Quaker) which conveys the same tone and spirit of the words which end the general market ads.

“This campaign was the perfect fit to transition the Quaker brand into the Hispanic market. The idea of making family -especially moms- the emotional touch point of the campaign, speaks to the core values that Hispanics have always had growing up,” said Luis Miguel Messianu, President and Chief Creative Officer of Alma. “This will allow them to connect with Quaker like they have never done so before.”

A second spot, entitled “Lake,” continues the campaign’s momentum, and like “Hill,” appears on a variety of broadcast and cable networks, including ABC, NBC, and Bravo, as well as Hispanic network channels, like Univision, Telemundo, Telefutura and Azteca TV. The Hispanic TV campaign is part of a larger, holistic integrated marketing effort at Quaker that includes bilingual in-store displays, bilingual couponing in targeted high Hispanic markets, and a Hispanic specific digital marketing strategy.

“Quaker Up” is part of the larger brand effort to provide today’s families with relevant and nourishing solutions and is being done in concert with a continued pipeline of product innovation and strategic brand partnerships.

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