Premier Retail Networks & Sears Launch In-Store HDTV Broadcast Platform.

Premier Retail Networks (PRN), creator of in-store media networks, announced that it will deliver customized, high-definition (HD) programming to 870 Sears full-line stores on Sears’ in-store television broadcast platform, the first HDTV platform capable of delivering content targeted by geographic region and stores. PRN will use DISH Network Business Solutions (DNBS) as the satellite delivery provider for this platform.

Sears’ in-store television broadcast platform will now provide crystal clear, sharp pictures and high-quality sound in high-definition, while featuring Sears’ customized content, HD edu-tainment, sports, concert footage, movie trailers, advertising and visually appealing HD footage. With satellite delivery of PRN content, programming segments can be updated frequently to provide timely in-store information for Sears’ customers. Sears and advertisers on the Sears in-store television broadcast platform will now have unique targeting capabilities allowing them the opportunity to customize their message to consumers by geographic region and store.

“We are pleased to bring to Sears our extensive experience in creating high-definition programming designed to inform and entertain customers in the retail environment,” said Peter Cullen, general manager of PRN Home Electronics Network. “For many consumers, the retail environment is their first experience with HDTV. Our programming is specifically designed to show viewers the dramatic difference between traditional analog TV and HDTV. Ultimately, the best way to help our retail partners create HDTV sales opportunities is to showcase the quality of HD programming; inform customers about the latest HD products, features, and services available; and show shoppers what programming is available in their area.”

“Together, Sears’ offering of plasma and LCD high-definition televisions combined with PRN’s satellite delivered high-definition programming, makes a powerful in-store presentation for our customers,” said Ray Brown, vice president/general merchandise manager of Home Electronics for Sears, Roebuck and Co.

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