Procter & Gamble inspires the living environments of Hispanic Consumers.

Procter & Gamble (P&G) and its home care brands Tide, Febreze and Dawn announced today that they have teamed with Target to launch the “Touch of Scent on Every Room” campaign to help enhance the moods and the environment of Hispanic consumers with scent tips, based on the research results by taste and smell expert Dr. Alan Hirsch.

Combining his years of study on the effect that the sense of smell has on the general emotional state of individuals, Dr. Hirsch has demonstrated that some of our favorite scents may impact our moods and may also influence the different environments of a living room, kitchen and other areas of the house. Dr. Hirsch, M.D., F.A.C.P., is the founder and Neurological Director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago.

Combining his years of study on the effect that the sense of smell has on the general emotional state of individuals

Scented household products are becoming increasingly popular and P&G’s consumer research has shown that Hispanic consumers are particularly avid scent seekers. According to Dr. Hirsch, some scents are a natural source of mood enhancers. “Most of us are unaware that certain scents have the power to inspire moods. Scents can generate reactions in the frontal lobe and the hypothalamus that influence people’s moods and behavior. Moreover, people can almost instantly derive pleasure from smelling distinct scents such as the aroma of flowers in their living rooms or cinnamon in their kitchens and even lavender or lilies on the clothes they wear,” stated Dr. Hirsch.

“At P&G we are committed to developing products specifically designed to meet the needs and preferences of our Hispanic consumers,” said Felisa Insignares, External Relations Manager. “Through our collaboration with Target, we will provide guests with the opportunity to surround them with a Touch of Scent to enhance the difference environments and situations in their daily lives,” added Insignares.

According to the research conducted by Dr. Hirsch, some aromas may influence the mood of a person or the environment of a room as follows:

— Lavender: Studies show that the smell of lavender triggers alpha waves in the posterior part of the brain associated with a relaxed state. Use this scent when you want to create a relaxing mood in the bathroom or in the family room areas.

— Jasmine: Jasmine’s scent triggers beta waves in the front of the head, which stimulates alertness. Jasmine has been proven to help focus and increases hand-eye coordination.

According to Dr. Hirsch’s findings, the smell of jasmine has also been proven to enhance athletes’ performances and improve their scores in sports that require concentration. Jasmine should be used at work stations or while studying or doing homework.

— Roses: There are over a hundred varieties of roses and not only is this flower a symbol of romance, but the scent of roses also increases olfactory-evoked nostalgia that will bring happy moments back to memory. Dr. Hirsch recommends using roses in social areas as well as when you have a visitor at your house.

— Violets: Dr. Hirsch’s studies also showed that violets enhance learning speed by 17 percent, and improve concentration when used in study rooms. Violets can be placed on studying and working areas, when reading or doing homework. The fragrance of violets on clothes is a good way to take this flower essence with you to places where you need to stay focused.

— Lilies: The scent of lily has been proven to increase wakefulness and help you stay alert. An arrangement made of lilies in the study area or living room can do the trick when you want to stay alert.

— Cinnamon: According to Dr. Hirsch, cinnamon may also bring happy moments back to memory and may lift your spirits. You can use in your kitchen area after cooking to evoke joyful memories.

From June 17 to July 17, 2007, Target guests will have the opportunity to inspire their moods and enjoy the wonderful benefits of some of these scents by taking advantage of special promotions on their favorite P&G products, such as Tide, Dawn, Febreze, Downy, Gain, Bounce, Cascade, and Mr. Clean at selected Target stores to enhance their lives with a Touch of Scent.

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