Programmatic is top choice for buying top ad formats

Media quality issues, including increased risk and fraud, are the top challenges in programmatic advertising for marketers

To gain a better understanding of perceptions of programmatic advertising, particularly supply path optimization (SPO), IAS partnered with Ipsos, one of the leading insights and analytics companies, to survey U.S. digital media experts who buy digital ads programmatically.

This research shows how media experts are using SPO to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their programmatic advertising campaigns across formats and environments.

Key Takeaways

  •     Half of brands and agencies report that at least half of their advertising budget is used for programmatic technology, especially video in social and mobile environments.
  •         71% of ad buyers currently buy social video ads programmatically
  •         61% of ad buyers currently buy mobile web video ads programmatically
  •         52% of ad buyers say half or more of their advertising budget is transacted programmatically
  •     Brands and agencies view the reach of programmatic as a top benefit, but they also worry about diminished levels of transparency.
  •         54% of ad buyers say maximizing audience reach and scale is the primary benefit of programmatic advertising
  •         42% of ad buyers say lack of transparency is the primary challenge with programmatic advertising
  •     As more budgets flow to programmatic advertising, media experts are embracing Supply Path Optimization for identifying low-cost, transparent buying channels.
  •         60% of ad buyers are currently implementing supply path optimization strategies
  •         96% are satisfied or very satisfied with their supply path optimization strategy
  •         50% say increasing campaign effectiveness is the main SPO benefit
  •     Nearly all media experts are already implementing or planning to implement third-party services or technology solutions.
  •         95% are implementing/planning to implement third-party services or solutions for supply path optimization
  •         57% currently partner/plan to partner with external consultants to audit their supply chain
  •         48% currently implement/plan to implement third-party supply path verification and monitoring technology
  •     Media experts are divided regarding the party responsible for programmatic advertising strategies and activities. Additionally, brands and agencies do not see eye to eye when it comes to the party most responsible for monitoring media quality nor do they agree on who should take the lead in most SPO tasks


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