Programming highlights for Citytv Puerto Rico August 25th launch.

Fuego Entertainment, Inc. announced that it has formalized key agreements and partnerships in anticipation of the launch of Citytv Puerto Rico on August 25, 2006. Fuego has negotiated original television productions and licensed content with such companies as Promofilms, Artear, Telefe, Empire Entertainment, Studio G, and others. These alliances will add high-quality broadcast programming designed for the local and US-Hispanic market.

One of the major prime time shows to air on Citytv Puerto Rico will be City Capsulas, which utilizes the concept created by CHUM to provide members of the general public the ability to voice their opinions. Citytv Puerto Rico will place five video kiosks, called “Speakers Corner,” around Puerto Rico and eventually place another two video kiosks in Orlando and two more in New York City.

“Speakers Corner video-booths are a foundation of our commitment to accessible television, and provide Puerto Ricans the ability to voice their
opinions,” said Hugo Cancio, President and CEO of Fuego Entertainment.

“Additionally, these taped segments will be the content source for other shows. Speakers, street performers, singers, protesters, the angry, the
happy, lovers and anyone with something to say or show 24 hours a day. In cities where Speakers Corners have existed for some time now users have
gotten married on screen, comedians breaking into the business, and even future rock stars, have made their television debuts.”

Fuego Entertainment has also created strategic advertising partnerships in print media with El Nuevo Dia and in FM radio with Nocturno, La X, and
Alfa Rock. These arrangements will raise awareness for the channel’s launch and promote Citytv Puerto Rico and its unique programming.

Citytv Puerto Rico will deliver locally-focused programming, celebrating and reflecting the diversity of the community.

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