Quiero Mi Boda returns to Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más.

Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más program Quiero Mi Boda start its 5th season on July 9th at 9pm (ET/PT). The original hit brings more disapproving parents, young love, nurses-turned-musicians, a tree hugging couple, and a strict ‘no alcohol policy”. From Mexico to Iran, Quiero Mi Boda captures the challenging union of diverse couples, as they face some cultural differences before their “I do’s”.

Quiero Mi Boda takes an inside look at cross-cultural weddings and the hustle and bustle surrounding them. A wedding is a special event in the life of a couple: a day where not only two people join in matrimony but also a day when two families unite. Now imagine these two families being from completely different cultural backgrounds: different taste, traditions, religion, customs and sometimes even different languages. “Quiero Mi Boda” goes behind-the-scenes to unveil the stressful yet harmonious union of these unique couples.

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