Raising Selfless Children in a Selfie World [REPORT]

In today’s digital world, parents overwhelmingly agree it is important to nurture good character in their children, including traits like honesty and compassion. However, a recent national parent survey conducted by Ipsos and sponsored by Primrose Schools indicates nearly 50 percent of parents are unaware of when they can and should start helping their children develop positive character traits.

Key Findings

  •     92% of parents surveyed believe that in today’s social media-focused world, nurturing positive character traits in children is more important than it used to be.
  •         Despite this, 48% of parents think preschool is too young for children to start learning social-emotional skills, like generosity.
  •     Over half of the parents surveyed feel their child did not or will not acquire honesty (54%), generosity (54%) or compassion (62%) during their early education experience.

To download report CLICK HERE.



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