Random thoughts on a random election.

By Gonzalo López Martí       http://lmmiami.com/


  •     Hispanics are not a monolithic voting block.
  •     Outside of South Florida Hispanics lean Dem.
  •     If and when they vote.
  •     Not yet in large enough quantities to change the landscape in Texas or California.
  •     Getting there though.
  •     Nothing we didn’t already know.
  •     Florida’s where the action’s at.
  •     The notorious swinging state.
  •     South Fla in particular is a total toss-up.
  •     My guess is there’ll be considerable dose of Bradley effect.
  •     On both sides.
  •     The president seems to have a considerable following in the Miami metro area.
  •     I don’t think it is massive.
  •     It is just loud.
  •     It might be an attempt to go out with a bang.
  •     I used to be a staunch never Trumper.
  •     I used to think he was terminally ill prepared for the job.
  •     I must admit I changed my mind.
  •     A bit.
  •     Somehow, the system has shown it has the antibodies to channel his energy.
  •     Whether you like it or not, there’s a perception among Hispanics that he was not that bad after all, which I can understand.
  •     More bark than bite.
  •     We were ready for massive deportations and we got <3% unemployment.
  •     He was going to do away with NAFTA but he just changed its name.
  •     Business as usual.
  •     We could argue about DACA or kids in cages but Hispanics are very cynical about these issues.
  •     Cruelty towards Latinos was normal for decades, under both parties.
  •     We’ve factored it in a long time ago.
  •     What took so long for CNN and the NYTimes to finally cover it?
  •     The Dems make the same mistake again and again.
  •     Dem campaigns are perennially tin-eared and condescending to Hispanics.
  •     I should know: I’ve worked for the Democratic party several times in several states throughout the last couple decades.
  •     You don’t appeal to someone who’s crossed the desert following a coyote or the Florida Strait floating on a inner tube and tell them they are a weak, vulnerable victim of capitalism.
  •     Capitalism is exactly what they risked their lives for (whatever capitalism is in their heads).
  •     Anyway.
  •     The options for SoFla Hispanics are uninspiring: a lunatic who will nevertheless keep the economy rolling and socialism at bay versus a senile grandpa figure surrounded by hipster commies such as AOC, whom I increasingly believe is a GOP plant.
  •     Uncle Joe would’ve obliterated Trump in 2016.
  •     The toothpaste’s out o the tube now.
  •     We’ll see.
  •     IMHO, the best scenarios to keep all factions at bay and a certain sense of convivial normalcy are:

                  A.  a clear win by Uncle Joe with a strong opposition in Capitol Hill to contain the Dem “socialist agenda”.

                  B.  Or, conversely, a narrow win by DJT with staunch Democratic checks & balances in House & Senate to prevent him from unleashing any potential autocratic impulses he might entertain, such as adding his mug to Mt. Rushmore or renaming states after his kids.

  •    In short: a symbolic POTUS with some emotional sway but little real power.
  •     The sign of a true democracy.
  •     If there’s anyone reading this who wants a strongman or strongwoman in the White House, I kindly invite them to migrate to their country of choice in Latin America.
  •     There’s plenty to choose from.


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