Remaking Selena.

At the Billboard Latin Music Conference in Miami, I was curious about one session since my radio career included the rise of that girl with the big voice from Corpus Christi, Tejas – – – Selena.

The panel included Sergio Lopes/ SVP – Capitol Latin, Moogie Canazio / Producer & Composer and Andres Castro / Record Producer who together mystified the audience discussing the talent and music of Selena.

When I started in the radio business 25 years ago, there has not been an artist since that could captivate our listeners more than Selena, along with her tragic death over 17 years ago. With all due respect to all other great artists, Selena was ahead of her time.

In the session they played the original tracks and Selena’s voice tracks followed by the remake of each song. The new remaking of the legendary songs from Selena were in a tempo that allowed Moogie Canazio to add Luis Miguel’s orchestra, the Santana Band and many other orchestra musicians.

Great songs, fabulous voice and mesmerizing musical composition.

The result made every person’s jaw drop and their hair stand up on the back of their necks when the remake were heard.

What a rendition, not a remaking. The new album is called ‘Enamorada de Ti’, which will be followed by a release in the same fashion of her English songs and Part 2 of the Spanish songs.

Enjoy the beginning of the trilogy

Selena Vive!

Gene Bryan – CEO of

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