Rentrak bring Census measurement to Branded TV Entertainment.

Rentrak Corporation announced an agreement with iTVX. The agreement will allow brands and programmers to see the full impact when a TV show uses a brand in a story line or in a demonstration.

The Rentrak/iTVX agreement is the first time robust audience metrics and branded entertainment analytics will be combined to produce unprecedented intelligence, analytics and insights for clients. iTVX will use Rentrak’s TV Essentials™ second-by-second TV audience advanced demographics and viewing information with iTVX’s Branded Engagement™ metrics, to give broadcasters and advertisers a new industry standard of branded entertainment measurement for planning and execution, as well as actionable insights for their branded entertainment campaigns.

As media and marketing collaborate to form branded entertainment campaigns, Rentrak’s TV Essentials provides the perfect complement to iTVX’s Branded Engagement metrics providing marketers with much needed actionable analytics. TV Essentials is Rentrak’s census-based television ratings measurement service that provides daily measurement from 20 million televisions and all TV stations nationally at a granular level and in all 210 media markets nationwide. Rentrak’s viewing data will be aligned with iTVX’s expert system that utilizes research, branded entertainment expertise, performance analytics, and innovative technology to deliver multi-platform global intelligence for both the General and Hispanic TV Markets.

“Our work with Rentrak will provide advertisers and broadcasters with 360 degree solutions and insights for planning, analyzing, implementing, and measuring their most challenging branded entertainment campaigns,” said Frank Zazza, CEO of iTVX.

“I am proud to announce another industry-first from Rentrak. iTVX provides insights as to the value and effectiveness branded entertainment has for advertisers. Similar to Rentrak’s exact commercial ratings, clients can now measure the exact number of viewers while their product is exposed during a telecast. No other product in the marketplace is capable of providing this type of industry solution, on this scale and level of sophistication and actionability,” said Bill Livek, CEO of Rentrak.

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