Republica Havas Health launches

Havas Health & You and Republica Havas announced the creation of a new agency, Republica Havas Health, to help foster health equity for multicultural patients and consumers. Republica Havas’s new division will be led by Co-founder, Chairman and CEO Jorge A. Plasencia, and will leverage the scale of HH&Y to reach brands and consumers across the United States, with quick global expansion plans. Republica Havas Health will focus on four key priorities – diversity in clinical research, culturally relevant health & wellness marketing, multicultural competence in healthcare, and concrete action to address health inequities.

Nearly half of the United States population identifies as multicultural and the world’s population of more than 7 billion is increasingly more diverse – yet systemic inequities in how we reach, treat, and prioritize the health and wellness of diverse audiences remain staggeringly prevalent. Republica Havas Health aims to address that to help promote deep cultural fluency in health and wellness communications for Hispanic, African American, Asian American and LGBTQIA+ patients and consumers.

Republica Havas has health and wellness experience spans over a decade and includes clients such as Pfizer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck, and Amgen – and they bring their specialized knowledge in this new partnership with Havas Health & You in cross-cultural health and wellness marketing.

“Our belief is that effective marketing and communications takes an inclusive approach from the onset, and that cultural relevancy is central to audience engagement, particularly in health. Republica Havas has a strong legacy of deep connection to the communities they serve, and has long acted as a liaison between brands and consumers to build trust and create solutions that promote innovation and equity,” said Donna Murphy, Global CEO of HH&Y. “Formalizing a health-focused division of this booming business marks an incredible step, and marks an important moment in our shared mission of Human Purpose as we act in the service of elevating health and wellness outcomes for all.”

“Since Republica’s start in 2006, we have been passionate about connecting brands with consumers through cultural understanding and relevance,” said Jorge A. Plasencia, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Republica Havas. “Partnering with Havas Health & You to broaden the scope of our work through Republica Havas Health marks an exciting next chapter for us and harnesses the critical importance of in-culture health and wellness communications,” Plasencia added.

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