A-Rod featured in new Hispanic campaign for the Dynasty Prepaid VisaRushCard.

RushCard debuts its first Spanish-language television spot featuring the Dynasty Prepaid Visa RushCard and baseball star Alex Rodriguez. The commercial began airing on Hispanic television networks. In the spot, Rodriguez recalls learning from his mother – who worked two jobs to support her family – the value of working hard as a means of achieving financial stability.

“As a child, I watched my mother work two jobs to make ends meet. I remember sitting with her and helping her count her waitress tips to figure out how much we’d have to spend for the week,” says Rodriguez. “I learned from a very young age the difficulty that comes with having just cash at hand. Paying bills, going out to eat as a family, shopping and saving money was all harder. Cash in many ways can be a burden. In today’s society, plastic is not only efficient, but also advantageous and necessary. That’s why I partnered with RushCard to let the Hispanic community know that with the Dynasty Prepaid Visa RushCard you can enjoy the convenience, sense of security and prestige that cash may not provide. RushCard would have been great for my mom and our family when I was growing up.”

“As daughter to Dominican immigrants who never learned English, I know how difficult it is to maneuver money matters in a language you don’t understand,” said Adayna Gonzalez, Director of Hispanic Marketing, UniRush LLC. “At RushCard, we recognize and value the diversity of our card members. We are proud to offer our Latino card members the option to communicate with us and manage their RushCard account in either English or Spanish. By launching our dedicated advertising campaign for the Dynasty Prepaid Visa RushCard in Spanish, we hope to reach other Latinos who seek a better alternative to cash and traditional banks. We’re honored to have Alex continue to help us deliver our message to the Hispanic community.”

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