Salem Media Group Launches La Patrona 1680 in Seattle

Salem Media Group, Inc. announced that the highly rated show “Don Cheto al Aire” is now in the Seattle-Tacoma market through its recently launched AM radio station: La Patrona 1680. La Patrona, a regional Mexican music station, is offering the Latino community in the Puget Sound a great choice for music and talk in Spanish.

La Patrona 1680 plays regional Mexican music, cumbia, and Latino favorites like La Adictiva, Banda MS, Christian Nodal, La Trakalosa de Monterrey, Gerardo Ortiz, La Arrollandora Banda el Limón, Banda El Recodo, and Los Tucanes de Tijuana, among others. It also addresses issues that affect the Latino residents in the Seattle-Tacoma market, such as immigration news, health related stories and conversations about fitness, depression, obesity and more; and relevant news affecting the whole country, like COVID19 and unemployment.

“We are very happy to return with the regional Mexican music format to the Seattle market, as part of our group of stations. We want to bring the best music and content to our Latino community,” expressed Carlos Tovías, La Patrona 1680 Program Director.

The personalities featured on La Patrona 1680, besides beloved character, “Don Cheto al Aire” (Mon-Sat 5-10am), range from well-known shows like “El Free-Guey con la Bronca” (Mon-Fri 3-7pm), to Northwest favorites like Jenny “La Diva” (Mon-Sat 10 to 3pm), and “El Pájaro” Ricardo Guerrero (Mon-Fri 7pm-Midnight).

Besides being on AM 1680, La Patrona can also be streamed live on, through its own app and available on the Amazon Alexa and Google Play speakers. Also, listeners can follow and interact with La Patrona 1680 AM on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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