launches to educate Hispanics on Health & Wellness., a site designed to provide Latinos with daily news and content to live a better life and improve their health launched. With a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of U.S. Latinos, Saludify is providing accurate, convenient and culturally relevant content that goes beyond what’s found in mainstream media.

“With this new site we show our commitment to catapulting Latino health issues to the forefront of American dialogue. Saludify is another building block in our strategy to serve Latino interests in specific niches,” said Emilio C. Sanchez, president of La VOX Media Group, parent company of Saludify and VOXXI.

Saludify has tapped a network of Latino health and fitness experts and bloggers to cover important topics, the latest feature being an infographic titled, “Are Hispanics doomed?” that presents relevant stats about Latino health challenges, as well as putting into perspective The Hispanic Health Paradox.

“There is a clear deficiency in culturally relevant health and wellness information for Hispanic Americans. Saludify will inform and educate Hispanics by providing the non-biased information that’s needed to make healthy lifestyle choices,” said Sandra Silva, managing editor of Saludify.

Saludify has launched with a variety of sections that focus on: Prevention, Psychology, Fitness, Nutrition, Sexuality, Health news and Children’s Health, among others.

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