San Antonio’s South Side Initiative.

San Antonio Mayor Ed Garza unveiled the evolution of the initiative with a new branded name and logo. During a news conference, Mayor Garza and dignitaries announced the South Side Initiative and designated region will now be known as “City South.”

City South is a 57-square-mile area with deep roots in San Antonio’s history that is undergoing robust growth and garnering significant attention for its abundant natural resources, scenic terrain and development potential.

City South is a diverse mix of land uses including manufacturing, agriculture, education, recreation, housing and small business. City South is the home of the new Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas plant, as well as Southport Business
Park, La Espada subdivision and other major developments soon to be announced.

“The vision of the South Side Initiative is now a reality as a result of a community-wide collaboration,” said Mayor Ed Garza. “It is no longer a project or an initiative, it is now a designated destination with its own name, personality, and unstoppable future.”

The “City South” name and logo were created by San Antonio-based advertising agency, Creative Civilization – An Aguilar/Girard Agency. The bold and contemporary logo utilizes the green and blue color palette to reflect the southern sector’s abundance of vegetation and waterways. The winding “S” in the word South symbolizes City South’s rivers and lakes. City South’s tagline, “A World Class Community,” communicates a competitive position in the global marketplace. City South was developed based on four principles including comprehensive planning that lays the foundation for future growth, comprehensive design that incorporates progressive urban design standards, comprehensive financing, which will
attract investment through innovative financing, and comprehensive learning that promotes high quality public education and life-long training.

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