The San Jose Group Works With ‘God’.

The San Jose Group announced the launch of its “God Campaign” for the Hispanic Christian Churches Association (HCCA). The campaign, which includes print, radio, television and interactive advertisements, is targeted to the Hispanic market and will run until July 23, 2001.

The television spots will run as PSAs nationwide with an estimated value of $8 – 9 million, and will run in the top 30 markets on 49 major television stations and three networks Univision, Galavision, and Telemundo. The Radio spots will run on 152 stations and the print ads will run in 163 publications.

The opening of the television spots suggests a high tech client, with its scenes of people using various types of communications devises. The spot then transitions into magnificent natural scenes while the announcer explains, “In the age of communications there is only one form of communication that you really cannot live without…prayer…communication with God.” The print ads and radio spots mirror this theme with various examples of communicating compared to the value of talking to God.

“We are thrilled with this campaign,” explained Pastor Carrera, director of HCCA in Chicago. “I was delighted when I saw the final product. This is the most comprehensive campaign ever launched to help connect people with God. Our belief is that communication with God is essential for the well being of men and women. The San Jose Group’s creative and marketing expertise is providing a new way for the church to accomplish its goals.”

“This project was one of our most challenging undertakings,” explained George L. San Jose, president and COO of The San Jose Group. “When God is your client, the standards are pretty high.”

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