To the silent majority in our Industry.

We have enjoyed an incredible ride.

Dramatic population and ad budget increases over the years, thus so large that we are now considered one of the few bright spots in the advertising, marketing and media Industries.

We must be making so much money that we must stay silent as not to rock the boat and possibly not enjoy this fabulous ride.

I question how long will the ride last?

Increase losses to mainstream agencies due to planning/buying consolidation & economies of scale, potentially disastrous research that could impact the financial soundness of our our media entities and the silence of the voices that once could be heard that helped create a better understanding and awareness of the complexity and need to target US Hispanic consumers via experts in advertising, marketing, media, creative, culture and language.

I wonder what Anselmo, Torano, Escarraga, the Conill’s, Albertini, Caballero, Alarcon, Safir, Montemayor, Zubizaretta, the Davila’s and others would have to say if they were all to get together and have a discussion about the direction of our Industry has drifted?

If you don’t know these names, ask!

One thing is for sure and not worrying about political correctness, there would be no silence from that group.

We are not vanilla, we are not seamless, we are hard to integrate due to language and culture and especially into one bucket called multiculturalism, we are not like mainstream regardless of how hard we try to not to loose our budgets by emulating our mainstream counterparts.

I hear more of our ad people’s concerns about their loses and future ones as well, but in the hush-hush environment of an enclosed room. Instead of a roar of anger and contempt to the savage drum beat of a new charge in the open field of battle.

It is about time that we executed a very delicate, fine and strategic move that is done in the game of dominos called ‘un tranque’.

Think about it. How long do you really have as business under the current model?

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