Soccer and Art come together.

Boca Juniors represents a unique spirit and passion that goes beyond sports and Nike always encourages the soccer club to become a leading character in different fields. 

This time, by putting together Boca´s own culture along with the disruptive jersey thru the lens of the renowned artist Carlos Regazzoni. The international artist, inspired by the jersey design, created a unique masterpiece that reflected the Boca spirit in a 40×10 feet wall. 
Regazzoni made an art intervention in a mural piece consisting of boxes containing the first 306 jerseys of the new Nike model for the Summer Soccer Tournament. In this great artwork, made on the box lids, one can see the image of La Bombonera stadium, in purple color strokes.  

Once the artwork was completed, it was divided into 306 small art pieces, unique and unrepeatable, identified by a single number beside the artist’s signature. Additionally, inside the boxes, and together with the new Boca Juniors jersey, 4 postcards made by the artist were included: One telling the soccer club history, two giving an account of the inspiring sources and techniques for doing the artwork, and a fourth one referring to the features of the limited-edition Summer jersey.
“When they proposed that I should create and paint a packaging design for the new Boca Juniors jersey, the first thing that came up to my mind was the following: Let’s develop something iconic, an aerial view of La Bombonera stadium with all its people, the “Bosteros” (generic insult, the lowest of the low; literally, manure dealers), in full flow.  I have bet on stressing the pride of soccer fans, which I call “The People’s Hug”, Regazzoni stated.  
Nike, once more in a disruptive way, generated buzz with its limited edition Jersey due to the incorporation of the purple in its design, representing a new era that incorporates colors different from the traditionals blue & gold. “My goal was to reflect something iconic, an aerial view of La Bombonera stadium with its people. I wanted to express the pride of the soccer fans”, stated Regazzoni.

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