SOi TV Programming Now to be Broadcast on La Familia Cosmovision Channel

SOi TV announced that they will join forces with La Familia Cosmovision. This strategic move by SOi TV will expand its audience from 15 cities to over 700 cities in 39 states across the nation.

Starting on November 12, La Familia will air 16 SOi TV programs during its prime time hours of 5:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. PST. This time slot will showcase SOi’s “Programming 2.0′ platform which consists of a series of eleven minutes program segments that facilitate online streaming and interaction, while also ensuring that the content stays as fresh as its diverse Hispanic audience.

As it completes its first year on-air, Miami-based SOi TV is eager to seize this unprecedented opportunity to continue to grow its audience base and build on its successful outreach to Hispanic viewers in fifteen cities throughout the United States and in Puerto Rico.

“We are excited to share our programming with La Familia’s faithful viewers and introduce them to the new frontier of Hispanic media entertainment,” said Julian Isaac, president and CEO at SOi TV.

This agreement fulfills the efforts of both channels to continue to meet the entertainment needs of the ever changing and expanding Hispanic market, a group that is critical to the future of U.S. media and marketers.

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