Solavei launches Mobile service In Puerto Rico.

Solavei will be presenting its unlimited 4G national voice, text and data mobile phone service plan for residents of Puerto Rico.

“Today’s consumers are interested in staying connected, and to do this they depend on their mobile phones, but they struggle with the high mobile service costs currently offered on the market,” said Solavei founder and executive director, Ryan Wuerch. “Solavei has developed a comprehensive social commerce platform with tools and resources to make use of the power of relationships, using existing social Networks to make mobile services more economical and actually profitable for our members.”

Solavei motivates customers to earn regular monthly income by doing something that many of them already do anyway, which is to suggest their favorite products or services to their friends and relatives. In fact, nearly all consumers (93 percent) have recommended some product or service to someone. Consumers have a chance to create revenue streams by sharing their experience of mobile service with others through the social network platform integrated with Solavei.

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