Soledad ‘Vendiendo la Mentirita’ – – Parte 2.

   Many of you already read my first contribution to ‘Soledad Vendiendo La Mentirita’ series (CLICK HERE to read the first one if you have not done so).


After calling Soledad O’Brien out on her new found Latina image and Black too just before the release of the Census 2010 figures that will highlight the growth of Hispanics, African Americans and Asians in this country, I must admit I did not expect the response.


Those that responded to the blog, the majority favor a view that I am biased and I should cut her some slack.  Even one of my competitors sent a e-mail to one of our Industry’s association and I quote “earlier this week he wrote a scathing column in his El Blog saying that Soledad O’Brien was a fake Latina and now I think he’s desperate for attention again“, to fuel dissent against my posting, myself,’s El Blog and our other platforms.


But one the other hand, I have received more e-mails and telephone calls from people I respect (and you would too) in our Industry combined vs. the total number of responders that felt I was off base in El Blog that thanked and support me for calling her out and bringing forth the notion that we need to identify Role Models that are more representative of the US Hispanic reality and promote their lives and vision.  I also understand for political and business reasons they cannot publicly state their views in El Blog and I will not either.


Gracias a todos that did post and equally to those that sent e-mails and called.


What I really do not understand is how CNN with so many Hispanic professionals working in their companies and CNN en Español, could not put the same PR efforts behind a Role Model that is more representative of the US Hispanic reality and showcase them.


My research indicates that African Americans are more accepting of Soledad as a role model than Latinos in the advertising, marketing and media Industry.


Only because you have Hispanic ancestry does not make you a Latino or Latina.


If you speak Spanish or you do not, if you do not embrace and internalize the cultural dynamics you are a poser.


Gene Bryan



P.S.  By the way I am not Black, to correct the person who responded to my previous post.  I am a Latino and enjoy a whole industry that can vouch for me.




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