Some Irony in AdAge’s 2010 Hispanic Fact Pack.

  by Jose Villa

So I was thumbing through AdAge’s latest installment of the annual Hispanic Fact Pack, and I was struck by something.

In addition to a solid combination of data and statistics on everything Hispanic advertising, the Fact Pack is full of ads from Hispanic media companies and ad agencies at the center of the industry. I counted a total of 25 ads this year. Of those 25 ads, 8 (about a 1/3) were for digital media companies (3) or focused on digital advertising by the aforementioned Hispanic ad agencies (5). There were even two ads with QR codes!

The irony of this “digital-centricity” comes into focus when you go to the first page of statistics on page 6 — “Hispanic Major Media Ad Spending.”

$6.3 billion of media spent targeting Hispanics in 2009. But wait — only $300 million went online. Yup, that’s a paltry 4.8%.

A lot of talk (and ads) about digital, but no one appears to be putting their money where their mouth is.

Courtesy of Jose Villa / Sensis Agency and

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