Southwest Airlines ‘Connects for Real’ with the Hispanic Customer.

Southwest Airlines announced the launch of its new national low fare campaign to the Hispanic audience with the objective of helping them recognize how easy it is to connect with their loved ones for real. The “Connect for real” campaign, created and developed by Dieste, Inc., is running nationally on Hispanic broadcast and cable networks. 

“At Southwest Airlines, we work hard to ensure that being there in person is affordable for everyone,” said Jena Atchison, Southwest Airlines’ Advertising Manager. “That’s why we don’t charge an extra fee for your first two bags or an extra fee just to change your flight. Unreasonable fees are just not in our DNA.”  The campaign shows Latinos the importance of connecting with loved ones and creating special memories. 
Campaign Insight

The “Connect for real” campaign highlights the difficulties Latinos have in trying to be close to the people they love in distant destinations. 

A recent study by Nielsen shows that U.S. Hispanic consumers are highly engaged in the usage of smartphones, online video and social networking, outpacing all other ethnic groups. But sometimes instead of being closer through communication vehicles, they end up farther apart. “We are living with generations that think their grandparents live in a laptop screen. A video chat doesn’t allow you to hug or kiss your loved ones or experience life’s special memories in person,” says Dieste’s chairman, Tony Dieste.

The approach for this campaign was to call this to the attention of the people who use video communication instead of physically being at a certain place. With family spread all over the world, being there on screen is not the same as being there in mind, body and sprit. “Having the luxury of affordable airfare is a privilege that Southwest Airlines offers, and it should be taken advantage of when available,” says Aldo Quevedo, Chief Creative Officer and President of Dieste. “It makes us proud to continue working with Southwest Airlines on the communication of low priced, fun travel options for all cultures in this country.”

According to Senior Manager of Advertising at Southwest, Debra Kennedy, “building stronger bonds with loved ones is important to everyone, and Southwest Airlines is proud to help create these memories.” 

Campaign Pieces 

The Dieste team developed a humorous and engaging campaign with two TV spots that show when you connect with loved ones using video communication, you are not truly there because there are some things that just can’t be experienced through a computer screen. 

“We continue to be impressed with Dieste’s strategy and talent to combine creative ideas with our services in the Multicultural segment. Southwest Airlines loves to see our mission and services being offered to everyone, and this will continue with our Dieste partnership,” added Jena Atchison.

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