Spanish Broadcasting System to migrate onto AdsWizz’s technology stack

Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) Inc. announces AdsWizz Inc. as the exclusive programmatic sales representative of SBS’s Hispanic audio inventory.

This new relationship allows SBS to leverage AdsWizz’s state-of-the-art audio technology and regional media sales channels, including SXM Media, the combined advertising sales group of Sirius XM Holdings Inc., to make demand source connections and monetization more efficient and streamlined.

Albert Rodriguez, President of SBS added: “AdsWizz is truly leading the charge on bridging the gap between publishers, ad tech, and sales channels. Today’s announcement demonstrates we are in very capable hands to accelerate our growth as a company looking to ramp up our efforts in the digital audio space. Although our roots are in radio broadcasting, we know the importance of adapting to evolving audience behaviors and having a relationship with AdsWizz means we will be at the forefront of that change and will help ensure we keep delivering the best experiences to our dedicated audiences.”

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