Spanish language: from second to first in 2050.

With celebrations around Dia E (Day E) last Friday, in which Spanish language, El Espanol, is used to call attention to its use by 500 million, efforts from Spain took care of highlighting the presence of the 50 million Hispanics who live in the United States.

While The Cervantes Institute was busy around the planet emphasizing Spanish as the second language in the world, after Chinese, a royal visit was actively seeking attention for what is regarded as La Marca Espana (the Spanish brand) with a stop in New York by Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia.

In a friendly wink to communications in the tongue of Cervantes and our own U.S. Hispanic Market, the Prince and the Princess held a private luncheon with a small group of Hispanic VIP’s in which Spanish language communications in the U.S.A. were discussed among other topics. The group included Gustavo Cisneros,of The Cisneros Group; Daisy Exposito-Ulla, of d exposito & Partners; Mario Baeza of V-me and The Baeza Group; and, Alejandro Santo Domingo of Quadrant Capital Advisors.

In 2050 , the U.S.A. are estimated to become the number one Spanish-speaking country in the world.

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