Spring Cleaning: Hispanics and Household Cleansers. [INSIGHT]

By Tr3s Insights.

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb … and when the temperatures rise, the sun gets brighter, and the days get longer it’s time to grab a sponge, put on some rubber gloves, and tackle that spring cleaning. Tr3s has conducted new research on the cleaning preferences of Hispanics 18 to 34. Here are some key findings from that analysis:

Hispanics prefer to clean with strong-scented products. When they tackle messes at home, scent equals clean – so the job feels done when surfaces don’t just sparkle, they smell terrific. One in five Hispanics 18 to 34 use household cleaners primarily as deodorizers — more often than non-Hispanics (33% more). Not surprisingly, heavily scented products are favorites in the category. Fabuloso is the #1 household cleaner and Gain is the top laundry detergent among Hispanics 18 to 34.

Nearly two-thirds of Hispanics use disposable wipes – and these wipes make it easier for kids to pitch in and help. Sixty-three percent of Hispanics 18 to 34 use disposable wipes. One reason they’re so popular with this group is they like to have their children help out with chores, and wiping down surfaces is something even small kids can do. Clorox wipes are the #1 brand among Hispanics 18 to 34. This is also a popular category among non-Hispanics 18 to 34 (68% use wipes). The top brand among non-Hispanics is Swiffer.

Beyond price, being a trusted brand and an effective product are most important to Hispanics shopping for household cleaners. While price is always the top consideration, being a trusted brand is the second most important quality Hispanics 18 to 39 look for in cleaning products. Really getting things clean is also a key selling point – particularly among Hispanics 18 to 29 living on their own.

To get more for their money, Hispanics buy the cleaning products they use often in bulk. Since they know they’re going to need them, they seek value by getting larger quantities. One in five Hispanics 18 to 34 purchase their cleaning products at wholesale clubs like Costco or Sam’s Club.

One in five Hispanics 18 to 34 are drawn to organic or natural household cleaners. They are as likely as non-Hispanics 18 to 34 to use natural cleaning products.

Source: Tr3s 2012 Hispanic 18-34s Living The “Next Normal”; Experian Simmons Summer 2012 NHCS Adult Survey 12-month

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