Starch to begin tracking impact of ads in U.S. Hispanic Magazines.

GfK MRI’s Starch Advertising Research announced that, beginning in January 2011, it will track consumer readership of advertisements that appear in U.S. Spanish-language consumer publications.

As is the case with the company‚s English-language print ad tracking service, the Spanish-language initiative will use Internet-based consumer surveys to measure readership of ads, as well as actions taken as a result of reading an ad. The survey will be conducted in Spanish.

“Spanish-language magazines have grown in number and readership to the point where many publishers and advertisers are seeking precise metrics showing the impact that ads in these titles generate,” said Michal Galin, SVP, Starch Advertising Research. “In response to client interest, we intend to deliver these data for the major U.S. Spanish-language titles, beginning with their January 2011 editions.”

Starch Advertising Research will track all national print ads 1/3 of a page and larger in the Spanish-language titles under measurement. Among the metrics it will provide are if readers noted particular ads, read some or most of the ads and took specific actions as a result of reading the ads.

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