Stars align with Vme to introduce New Shows.

Oscar-nominated, Adriana Barazza, leading telenovella Actress Lorena Rojas, Journalist Marian de la Fuente and Actor and Comedian Orlando Urdaneta will produce new shows in collaboration with Vme’s sister company, Miami-based Plural Entertainment and will air on Vme in the new season.

“Both shows that I’m bringing to Vme are a labor of love,” said journalist, Marian de la Fuente. “When shows highlight some social or inspirational issues in our community in an entertaining way then the best of all things come together in quality television and that is what is happening with both Mujeres con Pantalones and Desaparecidos.”

Author and journalist, Marian de la Fuente will host and produce two shows with Vme including Desaparecidos and Mujeres con Pantalones. In Desaparecidos (Missing) Marian delves into the cases behind the nearly 200,000 Latinos disappearing each year in the U.S., 70 percent of whom are children, to bring hope and closure to the families in pain. Marian de la Fuente is collaborating with Vme to use entertainment as a social tool as she hosts this new show that delves into actual cases of missing persons from across the nation and beyond. “I have a personal passion for this issue and I want to shed some light on these tragic cases and help families that are suffering,” Marian says.  Desaparecidos is a milestone in Spanish television as the program will air on both radio and television, combining web and printed materials and interacting directly with viewers in order to leave no stone unturned in the quest to find the missing.

In Mujeres con Pantalones (Women with Power to Bring Change) Marian teams with Vme in this co-production featuring powerful women who seek to change things in all corners of the globe and in all walks of life. From politics and media to business and sports, get a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of incredible women who are making an impact not only in their communities, but also in the world at large. This multiplatform program highlights the personal journeys and in-depth details which led to their amazing success. With their eyes relentlessly on the prize, these women will show the world who truly wears the pants!

Lorena Rojas announces her producing debut with Vme and the show Con Adriana Barraza Desde El Acting Studio Una Vida En La Escena  (An Actor’s Life). “As an actress I’ve always pushed myself to do more, be more and try new things with each new project. Now in my first project as a producer I am so proud to have this show pay tribute to the leading actors of today. I also couldn’t be more proud that this production is with my friend and mentor Adriana,” says Lorena.  In this show Lorena works with her friend and mentor, Oscar-nominated actress Adriana Barraza to welcome TV, movie and theater actors, directors, producers and writers into The Adriana Barraza Acting Studio in Miami. Through intimate discussions and footage of each guest, Adriana delves into the life and work of many of her colleagues including Pedro Almodóvar, Gael García Márquez, Diego Luna, Fernando Colunga, Andrés García, Lupita Ferrer, Carla Estrada, Sonia Braga, Delia Fiallo and many more.

Barraza said, “I am so happy to be part of a network that looks beyond the numbers and the stereotypes projected within our community to reflect the dreams, intelligence, passion and the many differences within our culture. Vme also encourages our people to be true to who they are and I think this is great. It is so inspiring to work on this project with my dear pupil and now star, Lorena Rojas.”

In Entre Paginas (Between the Pages) acclaimed actor, writer and comedian Orlando Urdaneta delves into the minds of some of the world’s most captivating authors with today’s hottest literature series, Entre Paginas. In discussions about the creative process, Orlando unravels the mysteries of characters, plots, and hidden messages within the literary works of incredible writers. In this program we get to know the fascinating human beings behind the book covers with exclusive and in-depth interviews.

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