Stay hopeful and optimistic.

    Just two more nights. Only two more chances.  Will this be the mainstream media report on the significance of the U.S. Hispanic market that explains it’s total composition? Or will even NBC continue to wallow in the contracted, default, outlook that mainstream media seems unable to expand.

Stay hopeful and optimistic.   I have much admiration for Brian Williams and on Monday, the first night of his “We The People” feature on the broadcast of NBC’s Nightly News, he did say that there were 45 million Hispanics in the U.S.  Certainly, he wouldn’t focus solely on the foreign born, immigrant segment of the total population.   Surely, he knows that there exist U.S. born Hispanics and even ones that work, but not in construction, or agriculture or kitchens.

NBC will come through. NBC owns Telemundo you know. Indubitably, they recognize the full scope of Telemundo’s audience.

Yes!  Plenty of reason to remain buoyant.

Just two more nights!

Tony Ruiz
The Vidal Partnership

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