In-Store Advertising Increases Sales.

In-store advertising in convenience stores (c-stores) boosts sales from 5 to 13 percent, according to new data released by Point-Of-Purchase Advertising International (POPAI) at the annual trade show of the National Association of Convenience Stores, being held in Orlando, Florida. In-store advertising consists of displays, signage and other media that communicate a brand’s availability and key attributes to consumers at retail, the point at which 70 percent of all brand purchase decisions are made.

Information concerning proof of placement of in-store ads was impressive, demonstrating that 45 percent of all audited brands were supported by in-store advertising. This compared favorably with a 27 percent figure — derived from the study’s previous phase conducted in supermarkets — for in-store advertising of audited products on supermarket product displays. Even more impressive was the information about the power of various kinds of in-store advertising to generate robust sales increases; for example, the use of:

* advertising signage increased sales by 13 percent
* advertising base wrap increased sales by 6 percent
* advertising through a pump-topper increased sales by 5 percent

In the same way, various messaging strategies drove sales increases, including:

* mention of ‘savings’ or ‘cents off’ generated a lift of 36 percent
* inclusion of a product photo generated a lift of 13 percent;
* mention of price generated a lift of 8 percent

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