Streaming Reaches Milestone as Top Choice for U.S. Hispanic Viewers; Spanish-Language Dominant Audiences Continue to Embrace Broadcast Television [REPORT]

Nielsen 2023 Diverse Intelligence Series: Hispanic audiences in focus. Exploring the shift to streaming and how trust influences media choice and brand preferences.

Nielsen released new data showcasing a milestone among U.S. Hispanic audiences. Hispanic adults’ total time spent on streamed content surpassed 50% (50.7%) in July 2023, which is 13% higher than the general population at 37.7%. Spanish-language dominant viewers continue to turn to broadcast channels, at just under 30%. In a new report, Hispanic Audience in Focus: Trust in media – the key factor driving the shift to streaming, Nielsen found that trust plays a pivotal role in steering Hispanic audiences toward streaming platforms. In a recent Hispanic sentiment study,1 more than half of Hispanic audiences indicated that quality and trust in media content are very or extremely important.

Nielsen 2023 Diverse Intelligence Series: Hispanic audiences in focus. Exploring the shift to streaming and how trust influences media choice and brand preferences.

“The report is more than a reflection of the current state of media consumption among Hispanics. The report marks a significant milestone in the Hispanic community’s affinity towards viewing platforms, while the insights captured provide an in-depth understanding of the unique authenticity signals and credibility markers that drive choices with media and brands,” said Stacie de Armas, Senior Vice President, Diverse Insights and Intelligence at Nielsen.

Nielsen’s report indicates that the foundation for establishing trust with the Hispanic community, regardless of the media platform, lies in cultural resonance and comprehension. The findings in the report underscore trust’s paramount importance. Over 50% of surveyed Hispanic respondents consider trust in news and information an issue of exceptional significance, reaffirming the community’s unwavering demand for credible and authentic content. Language also plays a pivotal role in trust, with younger generations of Hispanics finding Spanish language programming more trustworthy.

Streaming content takes center stage in this evolving landscape. Over 50% of Hispanic audiences believe streaming content is most relevant for them2. But there is a divergence in media choices among different generations. While younger Hispanics are more drawn to streaming services—where they perceive their values to be more accurately reflected—older generations lean more toward news and broadcast programming1. This preference mirrors the trust that older Hispanics have in more established platforms.

The report highlights the ongoing need for efforts to enhance representation and emphasizes the importance of moving beyond diverse and inclusive casting to ensure the portrayal of values and cultural understanding of the community. About 63% of Hispanics say they’re more likely to buy from brands that represent people like them in their advertising.

About 84% of Hispanics say they favor brands that play a positive role in their community. Brands, creators and distributors are urged to harness these insights to strengthen relationships with Hispanic audiences.

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