Synchrony announced the Latinx Executive Alliance, a coalition that allows C-suite executives and business leaders from different companies, industries and sectors, to collectively help Latinx employees advance in corporate America. The Alliance will host its inaugural, virtual event on October 18th from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. ET.

CLICK HERE to register for inaugural webinar.

“The Latinx Executive Alliance helps to tackle the widening gap in recruiting and advancing Latinx talent across the United States,” said Alberto “Beto” Casellas, chief executive officer and executive vice president, Synchrony Health and Wellness. “As senior leaders in our own organizations, it’s up to us to invent, design, and purposefully act together to create greater opportunities for the many Latinx individuals who stand ready to lead.”

The Latinx Executive Alliance aims to create a more diverse workforce by identifying, mentoring, upskilling and promoting the next generation of Latinx leaders. The Alliance will also help identify opportunities within organizations where diverse professional talent can have a meaningful impact and help their companies better meet the needs of their customers and communities.  

“At Synchrony, we encourage our employees to connect with organizations that provide different perspectives because we believe it can positively impact their personal and professional development,” said DJ Casto, chief human resources officer at Synchrony. “When my colleagues and I looked for a professional network where C-Suite Latinx executives could collaborate, connect, invest, and support each other, we just couldn’t find one. We decided right then that we would pave the path ourselves and in doing so, ensure more opportunities and better outcomes for Latinx individuals and the businesses they support.”

The Latinx Executive Alliance invites business leaders and executives from all companies, industries and sectors to attend its inaugural virtual event entitled “Impacto” on Monday, October 18, 2021 from 12:00-1:00 p.m. ET. The goal of the event is to create a forum where leaders from across the Latinx community can start candidly sharing the challenges and opportunities they see in corporate America and discuss ways they, and others, can collectively support Latinx leaders on their career journey. Insights from the discussion will help shape the Alliance’s long-term goals and focus. Expected attendees will include executives from Fortune 500 companies as well as medium and small businesses.  Current and aspiring Latinx professionals are invited and encouraged to attend the virtual event and can click here to register.

“Impacto” event speakers include:

●    Alberto “Beto” Casellas, EVP & CEO, Health & Wellness, Synchrony
●    Fernando Aguirre, Board of Directors, Synchrony
●    DJ Casto, EVP & Chief Human Resources Officer, Synchrony
●    Lucy Perez, Senior Partner, McKinsey
●    Amber-Marie Medina, VP, Product Strategy, Hispanic Segment & Hispanic Network Development Lead, Synchrony

The formation of the Latinx Executive Alliance is part of Synchrony’s broader effort to support diverse communities, including the company’s initial $15 million commitment to venture capital funds led by Latinx, Black, and female investing partners in May 2021, the launch of its Advancing Diverse Talent (ADT) initiative, and the Education as Equalizer initiative to expand access to higher education, skills training in high-growth fields, and financial literacy for underserved communities and its own workforce.

For more information about the Latinx Executive Alliance and “Impacto” event, visit



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