Talking Urinals With Winking/Blinking Ads To Reach Men.

Despite the spread of advertising messages to nearly every setting in contemporary America, attracting the attention of the elusive male audience has always been a challenge, The men’s room offers one relatively untouched ad vehicle that just about everyone who enters it faces: the urinal.

The Men’s Room visitor’s attention is immediately attracted to a promotional ad message contained inside an angled waterproof display centrally located within the urinal, with flashing lights that are activated either by either someone’s physical presence or by urination onto the screen. Upon activation the screen also emits a pre-recorded audible message of up to16 seconds duration. Even before activation, the auto-animated winking of alternating images on the 3.5 inch lenticular display of the device is sure to catch the eye of any man seeing this novel ad vehicle for the first time.

“Beginning with early attempts at writing one’s name in the snow, there has always been an element of recreation associated with urination for men”, says bio-engineer Dr. Richard Deutsch, who invented and patented the interactive, plastic deodorizing unit for Wizmark. “Now when nature calls, there is going to be something entertaining to look at and listen to.”

Irreverent marketing approaches get attention and advertisers can greatly benefit. The dynamics and social protocols of its use, guarantee at least one minute of undivided and undistracted visual attention along with the concurrent audio delivery of their promotional message to a captive audience . Since urinals haven’t been the focus of consumer advertising for products such as beer, cigarettes and Viagra or public service messages like “Don’t Drink and Drive”, early adopters of this new patented interactive technology will generate significant “buzz” with the amused smiling viewers.

Locales suitable for the Wizmark unit include rest rooms in bars, restaurants, hotels, sports stadiums, race tracks, movies, airports and train stations for either commercial or public-service messages and government buildings, grade or high schools, offices, factories, and military installations for anti-smoking, anti-drug or anti-drunk driving messages.

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