Telemundo, Ford & Zubi Advertising Rev Up INNOVATION in technology for the Hispanics.

Telemundo Media, Ford Motor Company and Zubi Advertising have teamed up in an new campaign that will showcase the car brand’s innovations in technology and investment in world-class, practical features for the Hispanic consumer.

Beginning December 19, Ford’s latest redesign that blends efficiency, beauty, and power, the 2013 Ford Fusion, will be interwoven in a series of original creative integrated content produced with Zubi Advertising throughout Telemundo’s most popular daytime, sports and primetime programming. Showcasing some of the car’s unique technologically advanced offerings such as the Lane-Keeping System, Forward Collision Warning and Blind Spot Information System, some of the key highlights will include:

Thematically interweaving the Ford Fusion’s new features within three of Telemundo’s leading programs, “Un Nuevo Dia,” “Ritmo Deportivo” and “Titulares y Más.”

As “Titulares y Más”covers FIFA’s use of technology to officiate the game and enhance the consumers’ experience, the segments will draw a parallel on the Fusion’s use of technology to enhance the driver’s experience.

“Ritmo Deportivo’s” weekly segment, dedicated to highlighting the hottest trends within the auto industry, will expose its loyal followers to Fusion’s high end features.

Courtesy of the Ford Fusion, “Un Nuevo Dia” will focus two days on highlighting the general evolution of technology and its impact on society.

Debuting a customized content capsule, produced by Telemundo, that delivers the campaign message of “nothing else makes sense” and alludes to now that the all-new Fusion has arrived, nothing else makes sense anymore, drawing parallels between Fusion’s advanced technological features versus some other innovations that simply don’t make much sense i.e. balconies on buildings without windows.

Anchoring the message of this 60-second content capsule in Ford’s commercial unit strategically within programs appealing to the Fusion’s core consumer: “Un Nuevo Dia,” “Ritmo Deportivo,” “Titulares y Más” and its primetime novelas.

“Our partnership with Ford and Zubi aligns with Telemundo’s mission to offer innovative media that speaks to our audience’s lifestyle needs and aspirations,” said Jacqueline Hernandez, Chief Operating Officer, Telemundo. ”Telemundo is not only a premier entertainment and news space, but a marquee for some of the world’s best brands to reach consumers through seamless, integrated viewing experiences on our network’s most popular and engaging programs.”

“We are thrilled and honored to collaborate with Ford, one of the most recognizable and respected companies in the world, by connecting their brand with Telemundo’s wide audience through these exciting creative segments,” said Joe Zubi, COO of Zubi Advertising. ”This campaign will not only display Ford’s latest and advanced technology but provide innovative and practical solutions for the Hispanic driver looking for the ultimate driving experience.”

“Telemundo presents a powerful platform to demonstrate Ford’s commitment and innovations to deliver the best product for our passionate Hispanic consumers,” said David Rodriguez, Manager, Multicultural Marketing of Ford Motor Company. “Since Hispanic drivers value cutting edge technology, efficiency and style, the Ford Fusion–with its name aptly combining all three–is the unparalled brand to showcase on the network.”

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