Telemundo launches ‘Mi Telemundo’ and ‘Tu Pulso Latino’ insight communities.

Telemundo Media, Vision Critical and Symphony Advanced Media (SymphonyAM) announced the creation of “Mi Telemundo” and “Tu Pulso Latino,” two custom insight communities that will measure and translate four screen media consumption by Hispanic viewers. Telemundo, in tandem with Vision Critical, will develop a custom 5,000-member viewer community while integrating SymphonyAM’s portable cross- media tracking technology to provide the industry’s first-ever, single-source cross-media measurement of Hispanics’ television, online, mobile and social behaviors.
“Mi Telemundo” targeted for Spanish dominant Hispanic viewers and “Tu Pulso Latino,” targeted for bilingual, millennial Hispanic viewers, will inform and inspire a deeper understanding of Hispanic viewers’ influences and desires via automatic content recognition (ACR) data combined with survey-based responses, and uncover never before seen consumption trends via SymphonyAM’s patent-pending passive measurement technology that continuously runs in the background of the panelist’s smartphone, tablet or PC. This unique methodology provides higher levels of accuracy in cross-media consumption and advertising effectiveness that historically has not existed in the industry and will enable Telemundo and its client partners to gauge the attitudes, emotions and needs that drive Telemundo’s core and millennial viewers.
“As an authority on Hispanic trends and creators of original content, Telemundo is proud to continue its ongoing legacy of research leadership with ‘Mi Telemundo’ and ‘Tu Pulso Latino,’ which will offer deeper benefits and insights specifically created to give our marketing partners a competitive advantage and influence the direction of our original programming,” said Jacqueline Hernández, Chief Operating Officer, Telemundo Media.  “Telemundo’s venture with these partners breaks new ground, providing us with real-time intelligence of our users across all four screens.”
These initiatives continue Telemundo’s innovation of providing Hispanic research and insights particularly in the measurement of the influential demographic of millennial viewers. This expertise led to the creation of mun2, the first ever Hispanic youth brand network, and innovative studies such as “me2,” an ethnographic study on the young Latino in America and coined the term “Gen YLA,” and “Beyond Demographics: Latino Identity.”

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