Telemundo Media hosts Google+ hangout for ‘Secreteando’.

Telemundo Media announced they are hosting their first ever Google+ Hangout in Spanish-language television to support the specially-customized live finale of the network’s unprecedented “social” drama series, “Secreteando,” today Friday, October 26 at 2pm ET. Fans can tune into the hangout from Telemundo’s Google+ page ( or YouTube channel ( The unprecedented online novela is also the first drama series directed to Hispanics where “viewsers” (viewers/users) are active participants in the storyline through social media platforms such as Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Hosted by “Un Nuevo Dia”, Telemundo’s morning show co-host, Azucena Cierco, the live event will feature novela stars Jorge Luis Pila and Sonya Smith and will be recapped with a special segment on the morning show “Un Nuevo Día” following its digital debut.

“We have developed an interactive experience for the U.S. Hispanic market on Google+,” said Peter Blacker, Executive Vice President, Digital & Emerging Businesses, Telemundo Media. “This activation takes the level of ‘viewser’ engagement to new levels, leveraging the power of social media among a demographic that has become a true influencer and making the audience a vital component to the outcome of a storyline.””

The storyline of “Secreteando” evolved strategically across a variety of social media platforms such as Google+ and Facebook, each with a specific and complementary role. The Telemundo channel on YouTube houses video content, including trailers and episodes. Google+ and Facebook are the primary engagement platforms, where viewsers can access all videos and behind-the-scenes content. Twitter (@Secreteando) has provided an interactive experience driven through content, exclusive sneak peeks and conversation around relevant trending topics. In addition, one of the characters has a presence on Twitter (@SoyLaViva), which provides a secondary angle to the storyline. Behind-the-scenes photo content is distributed via Instagram (@Secreteando), while thematic content aligned with the novela’s storyline is shared on Pinterest.

“Secreteando” follows the drama and jealousy taking place daily at MUS, a record label office where all the main characters are Executive Assistants. When the head of the music label is fired, everyone vies to become the Executive Assistant to the new “mystery boss.” This newly open position sparks competition, envy, broken friendships and rumors. “Viewsers” have been able to vote via social media platforms to determine which character gets the position.

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