Telenovelas on desktop.

Two of South America’s most popular telenovelas are now available over the Internet for the first time in the United States – and anywhere in the world – through the new Tvext Internet TV service. Tvext plans to add more telenovelas to its future programming lineup – with an emphasis on shows not televised in the U.S. market.

The first 20 episodes of the Argentine telenovela “Amor en Custodia” and Columbian-produced “Amor a Mil” are now offered by Tvext, which is adding segments each month and will feature both Spanish-language telenovelas in their entirety. Consumers can download the proprietary Tvext desktop viewing console and, as a special introductory offer, Tvext is giving free points to new users for hours of viewing at no charge. All programming can be watched immediately or saved for later viewing.

“Amor en Custodia,” produced by Telefe International, centers on the story of a wealthy businesswoman and her family and how their lives intersect with people in her employ, including her devoted bodyguard. Originally produced by Telefe for broadcast in Argentina, “Amor en Custodia” was remade for airing in Mexico and the United States. Fans of the remake can now view the original “Amor en Custodia” on their computers, whenever they choose.

Also featured on Tvext is the Columbian telenovela “Amor a Mil,” produced by Caracol TV, which follows the lives and loves of young race car drivers.

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